Choosing A Medical Alert System

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Also try out the medical alert at home and test its functionality in every part of the house, making sure that nothing interferes with the transmission. Find a medical alert system that is easy to use, so that in an emergency the user can promptly and easily get the help they need. When comparing different systems, be sure to ask about the pricing, features, and services provided with each one. Some medical alert systems will automatically run a test each week to let users know it is still functioning correctly. Ask Questions About the Response Center The response center is the hotline which instantly connects to users through their medical alert device . Some providers will have a 24 hour hotline, 7 days a week, but others will not.
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Tattoos being used for medical alerts

More research showed the Internet is rife with discussion about them, including interest from parents of children with type 1 diabetes whose kids fight wearing medical alert jewlery or find it cumbersome. Aldasouqi’s investigation included a visit to a local tattoo parlor. He was impressed with its cleanliness, that it had health licensing requirements (not the case in all states) and that clients were required to sign a consent form. “It looked just like any outpatient surgery clinic,” he says. He hopes his report will urge physicians to develop guidelines for patients outlining who is and isn’t qualified to get one (some diabetics have wound-healing problems), and how to find a licensed tattoo artist. At Fatty’s Custom Tattooz in Washington, D.C., owner Matthew “Fatty” Jessup says he has carved numerous health-related tattoos. “I’ve done a biohazard symbol for a few people with HIV,” he says.
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Consumer alert: Medical alert scam

“We, the weapon” is Alert The Medic’s highly anticipated follow up to their 2006 Self-Titled debut. This album is nothing, if not forceful. A dynamic display of infectious melodies and passionate performances; driven only by their collective rock tendencies. Fueled by childhood MTV propaganda and the beckoning bright lights of their nearby Halifax metropolis, these former rural rockers are determined to fill the map with thumbtack holes. In 2006, Alert the Medic joined forces with talented Producer Laurence Currie (Sloan, Wintersleep). The first single off this Self-Titled project, “Reported Missing” climbed to #1 on East Coast Radio and garnered the group national attention.


The phone recording said a relative had already paid for a medical alert system for him and his wife. “It just identified as medialert. Yeah it sounded legitimate, but the first red flag was “gifted,” said Trethewey. The Better Business Bureau has issued a warning about this scheme. “They just need your personal information and usually credit card information,” said BBB spokeswoman Caitlin Vancas, “they will sometimes say they are from medical alert, medialert there’s many different variations of the name.” Channel 11 News Reporter Gordon Loesch tried to call the number that had been phoning, Trethewey, a number listed on the Internet with hundreds of consumer complaints. The Philadelphia number was disconnected. “Well it’s not actually just one company, and it may not even be a company per se,” said Vancas.
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Medical alert devices for seniors

medical alert device

These devices are designed to provide a quick and easy way to communicate to the outside world, family members, or emergency medical professionals in the case of a threatening medical emergency, such as a fall, heart attack, or home invasion. In these times of need it is important that the wearer of the medical alert device get immediate response, and these medical devices can provide that care with a simple touch of a button. That kind of security is not only provides mental security but can prolong a seniors independence allowing the senior to remain in the family home. Most of these medical alert devices are really simplistic, and are devices composed of two major components, a home console and a pendant or small device which can be carried on the wrist or waist with an emergency button. If the wearer falls, become injured, or suffers any type of medical emergency they can press the button on their pendant. The button will send an alert to the home console which then sends a call to a customer services representative who will contact a family member or medical responder. The user can create a list of emergence contacts and set an order of importance to be contacted in the case a situation where to occur. medical alert device Range is one of the most important attributes for any user of a medical alert device to look for when shopping for a medical alert device. The range is the distance the wearer can travel away from the home console, and still have the device communication. Many of the best medical alert devices will have ranges up to 1000 feet. At this distance the wearer can safely travel about the distance of one typical city block. So the wearer can visit local friends and neighbors and still be in contact with their safety contacts and home console. Other devices have more limited ranges but most will have at least a150 foot range. The range of the device should match the mobility and life style of the intended wearer. If the wearer is still very mobile and enjoys walks and visits with neighbors they may need a longer range, for those who never leave the home or are bed ridden may not need an extended range. All home medical devices should come with an included base station. Make sure your medical alert device has this included in the package and the home console is not an additional purchase. The pendant is what the user will wear and take with them. All medical alert devices will include this device, though how that device is attached to the wearer may vary. Find out what is the most comfortable and easy way for the wearer to carry the pendant device. Some options of attachment are wristband, waistband, or necklace. Most pendants are waterproof or at least water resistant, but make sure. Time in the bathroom, shower or any exposure to wet surfaces can be very dangerous, you want to ensure that the device can be worn and will be safe if exposed to wet conditions. Make sure that the device has a battery backup included.
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