Seniors Get A Warning On Medical Alert Scam

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Medical Care Alert HOME Medical Alert System Set Up Instructions

They called me again Saturday,” Adams said. The medical alert system scam is in full swing in Michigan, as well as other states including New York, Texas, Wisconsin and Kentucky. The Michigan Attorney General’s Office has received about 50 complaints about this scam in the past two weeks, according to Joy Yearout, director of communications for Attorney General Bill Schuette. The scumbaggery against seniors has reached a super-low point with this con job. Who doesn’t know a senior who fears a break-in? Or a widow who wonders what would happen in a medical emergency?
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scam alert

At first, she thought it may have been the same brand her late husband had used. When the product arrived, she realized it wasnt the brand she assumed it was and called the company to get directions to return it. The company hung up on her at first, but she eventually got through to someone who told her to ship it back to Life Alert USA at a Lynbrook, NY address. (BBB records show a company named Lifewatch, Inc. at that address.) She is still disputing a $34.95 monthly service fee that was debited to her account. These companies, they use so many names and they all sound alike, Medical Alert, Alert Services, Medical Life System, Alert USAIts confusing and they know that. she said. The use of names that are similar to well known marketers of medical alert devices is a problem.
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Medical Alert System

These systems are valuable and should be made available to anyone. Seniors and individuals with disabilities or chronic conditions can benefit from the added security of being able to connect with emergency responders by simply pushing a button. Unfortunately the added monthly fees and cost of equipment can make it impossible for many patients to afford a medical alert system. A widely respected and leading medical alert systems provider, My Personal Response, aims to make medical alert systems affordable for all. “We saw a genuine need to provide a savings so that more people could benefit from having a medical alert system in their home,” says CEO of Personal Response Corporation, Barry Schoor. “Our goal is to provide this lifesaving equipment to those in need, not just those that have the luxury of being able to afford it.” Their new lower prices now make it possible for the masses to own these emergency alert response systems. The security of knowing loved-ones have access to immediate assistance is priceless.
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Humana Teams with VRI to Pilot Enhanced Medical Alert Systems for its Medicare members

This allows two-way communication to be used effectively. – During your first test, do a “range test” to make sure we can hear you throughout the home. Reposition the unit if necessary. – Test your system weekly, and call us first before testing – You only need to press your button ONE TIME for help — pressing the button repeatedly will cause it to redial and delay the signal – Send back your Personal Profile and contract right away DON’TS – DON’T use a power strip, extension cord or plug controlled by a light switch – DON’T change our phone cord — it is a special cord for medical alarms – DON’T press the button repeatedly — it only makes the system redial again delaying your call for help. Press only once. – DON’T test without calling us first — otherwise you’ll tie up our emergency operators on a non-emergency call – DON’T change your phone service provider without checking with us first — some of the inexpensive phone services won’t work with this system TROUBLESHOOTING – Remember, MagicJack and Vonage don’t work with our system, and they do not recommend using their phone service with ANY medical alert system – When you test the system and we can’t hear you or it sounds funny, you may have a phone line that requires our DSL Filter.
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BBB Warns Seniors of Deceptive Telemarketing Calls Offering Free Medical Alert Devices

Sign in to YouTube Sign in with your Google Account (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to dislike RiverfrontMediaGroup’s video. Add to Sign in to YouTube Sign in with your Google Account (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to add RiverfrontMediaGroup’s video to your playlist. After dad passed away, mom was concerned about living alone for the first time in almost 50 years. She is very independent but she’s also very wise…she knows, and accepts, her limitations. So we began looking for a medical alert system from a company with a proven track record of fast, professional assistance in case mom had some kind of accident or medical emergency while alone at home. We found Acadian On Call and we were happy to discover they have some of the lowest priced monitoring plans in the industry without sacrificing the level of service.
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Leading Medical Alert Systems Provider to Offer an Unprecedented Savings Just in Time for the Holidays

Humana believes a medical alert system can help our members who are at risk of falls, and give their caregivers and family members peace of mind at the same time. The VRI medical alert system is easy to use. When help is needed, the member simply pushes a button on the device and a Care Center representative answers the call and gets the help needed, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. VRI also uses the device to track motion and is alerted if the device senses a lack of activity that may signal a health emergency. We are excited to work with Humana to show that when proven, low-cost Medical Alerts are combined with innovative monitoring processes and fall technologies, health care organizations can improve care and reduce costs associated with hospitalizations, said Andy Schoonover, President of VRI. Using state-of-the-art technology, the PERS device: Automatically detects when someone wearing the device falls and calls them to see if theyre okay. Uses GPS-tracking to help find the member if he/she cant call out or doesnt answer calls.
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Medical Alert Systems in the Age of Technology

medical alert1 Medical Alert Systems in the Age of Technology

With many of these alert bracelets and tags, particularly medical alert devices designed for the elderly who live on their own, theres a button on the bracelet that, when pushed, signals to a central base. That dispatch can alert medical emergency professionals that the person needs assistance. Medical Alert Devices There are a number of populations who would benefit from wearing some kind of medical alert device, but the elderly and chronically ill are the best candidates. With the desire to live on their own, these devices give senior citizens the opportunity to live on their own with confidence and peace of mind that help is just the push of a button away if they need it. A medical alert protocol also lets families feel some sense of relief that their loved ones will be quickly reached and cared for in an emergency situation such as in the case a fall or some kind of complication from an already present illness. Another population who may benefit from some type of medical alert identification system is someone with an illness like diabetes that requires medications and may have a variety of complex triggers, complications and risks of not receiving timely and properly delivered treatment.
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